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3GP Mobile Phones.

BlackBerry Storm 9500
The Storm’s clickable display has given us confidence in touchscreens we haven’t enjoyed before now. It won’t be for everyone, but those who master this system will be rewarded with an excellent smartphone experience.

Sony Ericsson F305
It’s cute as a button and packed to the gills with games to play. The F305 is a nice phone for its price, but there’s nothing ground-breaking here to recommend.

Roxio Popcorn 2
Roxio Popcorn 2 is a simple and excellent solution for users who have lots of unencrypted DVDs that they want to copy or who have video files sitting on their hard drive that they wish could be on their video-friendly iPod.

Motorola EM330
It is yet another clamshell phone from yet another phone company. So what sets this mobile phone apart from the others? Not much.

Motorola ROKR E8
The ROKR E8 looks to be Motorola’s stab at the iPhone killer, with a morphing touchscreen display and media focused features.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile
If we were Solid Snake we’d sneak out of this game and go back onto the PS3. This game is sure to make fans of the series weep or fill them with murderous rage.

JBL On Tour Mobile
JBL’s On Tour Mobile is a lightweight, portable speaker for those on holiday or down at the beach, but the sound quality isn’t great.

Windows Mobile 6
Though it doesn’t offer earth-shattering new features and interface issues remain, Windows Mobile 6 brings a collection of noteworthy improvements that makes its mobile devices easier to use and equips mobile professionals with more robust productivity tools.

Vodafone Mobile Connect
Aggressive pricing, a slice of speed-boosting tech and a tempting ‘unlimited’ downloads plan puts Vodafone in pole position in the race for 3G datacard customers.

MobileMe is the successor to .Mac, Apple’s subscription service for publishing photos and other personal content to the Web.

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Five free apps you must have on your N95

No one’s life is complete without Twitter. Twibble is the best little application we’ve ever used for tweeting the joys and horrors of public transport in London and moaning about the horrendous sniffing that people sometimes engage in.

Location Tagger
This app allows you to use the N95’s GPS system to tag your photos with the location they were taken. It’s especially cool if you go abroad and want to show people where you’ve been. Just remember that the N95 uses AGPS, which utilises your data connection to narrow down your location. This costs a fortune abroad, so disable it.

There are few things as boring as being on a train with nothing to do. Luckily, Google has its own app that allows you to search, browse and watch videos from YouTube. This isn’t the same as the useless app that comes with the N95 — that’s really just a shortcut to a web page(flv to 3gp). This app is slick, and really works well.

Ever been somewhere and really wanted to surf the net on your computer, but not been able to because there’s no Wi-Fi? JoikuSpot turns your mobile phone, and 3G internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The free version has some limitations — it won’t allow VPN access, for example. But for simple browsing with no need to tether your phone or buy a separate dongle, this works brilliantly.

Google Maps
An obvious choice, but Google Maps is really the king of all mobile software. With its most recent update, it now matches the iPhone for functionality. You can search for restaurants or other businesses and get directions to them. There are even graphical niceties like flying pins — just like the iPhone.

So next time someone waves their iPhone at you, claiming application superiority, at least you’ll be able to use Google Maps to tell them where to go, and what to jump off when they get there.