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U.S. Cellular today announced its fourth Android-based smartphone, the LG Apex, for a November 19 release. After last month's Samsung Mesmerize, the Apex uses Android 2.1 and carries a price tag of $79.99 after an $80 mail-in rebate.

Unlike the Galaxy S Mesmermize, however, the hardware details for the LG Apex indicate an entry-level device with a 3.2-inch touch screen, sliding QWERTY keyboard, and 3-megapixel camera. The smartphone should pair well with the new Primary Plus Plan.

As handset makers continue to push the envelope with cutting-edge technology and high-end hardware, phones like the Apex will attract new smartphone buyers with their lower cost and focus on usability. But the Chicago-based carrier's Android amibiltions don't stop there. Earlier this week it announced that its own version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab also will arrive on November 19. As most of the larger carriers are doing, U.S. Cellular will offer the Tab for $399 after a $100 mail-in rebate and a two-year contract.

What's more, December will bring U.S. Cellular's fifth Android phone with the LG Optimus U. LG announced yesterday that it has crossed the 1 million devices sold mark in only 40 days, making the Optimus line its most successful smartphone series to date. Look for the Optimus U to closely resemble Sprint's Optimus T and T-Mobile's Optimus S.

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    Through a new application, a large publisher of educational e-books is making its library available on the iPhone and iPod touch. CourseSmart notes that over 7,000 titles should be available now, though only to desktop anyone already paying subscription costs.
    Firaxis' Civilization Revolution has arrived at the App Store, marking the first time the well-known game series has been available for iPhones and iPods. CivRev is specifically based on the console title of the same name, and carries over all its features, though these in turn are simplified from the PC's Civilization IV.
    Updated Apple response Apple is very strict with regard to the iPhone with third-party content, reports say. In the presentation of new applications for e-book, at least two promoters claim they were dismissed summarily.
    "If you are in a group and you have a question, you can immediately access your text." Even if I had to trudge with traditional, heavy, paper and ink textbooks, there were countless times that I want my texts have been indexed and searchable digital. Theoretically, even if you prefer to stick to old ways of learning, you can also subscribe to the digital additions and quickly find the relevant keywords without having to resort to something as archaic as the text of the index at the back of the book.
    The app is available in the App Store for existing customers CourseSmart. For those who seek to register, e-CourseSmart through the textbooks are about 50 percent cheaper than their paper counterparts, on average, and all manuals, subscribe to be immediately available via the application .
    Free displays news and media from various sources in a 3D wall layout.
    Information is collected from Yahoo, Flickr, Google and other various sites and then presented in a way that is supposed to make scanning through long lists of results simple. The application has recently been updated and is now said to run much faster and includes support for Bing, Picasa, and Twitter.


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